For Interns

RRG Recruitment has a number of internship opportunities for University students based in London. The opportunities are in various IT fields such as Web Development, System Infrastructure, Security Systems, and Business Development. The duration of these internships can vary between 6 to 12 months.

Following a successful internship, it is not unusual for employers to make a full-time job offer to their interns.

Many employers use internships as a period where they can bring in a new person, see how they fit in with the organization, and will already have plans to recruit on a permanent basis. Therefore, it’s vital that you make a good impression; turn up on time, be enthusiastic, and show your flexibility, adaptability, and commitment.

Results from a recent survey conducted by Graduate Advantage prove that internships do create jobs for graduates. It showed that 81% of interns are now employed and 74% of those are either in permanent employment or are on a long term contract. Of these, 68% believe their internship helped them to gain their current position and an impressive 33% are still working with their internship organization.

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